Baron Fel - Pilote Univers Étendu (VO) Standards

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Baron Fel - Pilote Univers Étendu (VO) Standards

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Baron/Colonel Fel Costume Standards

Required Items:

1. Black flightsuit in standard TIE/X-wing pilot style, with mandarin-style collar and pointed tab, code cylinder pocket on upper-middle left arm, rectangular pocket with a flap closure on upper-middle right arm, comm pad pocket on outside of left forearm above wrist, and thigh pockets (upper set required, lower set optional). No visible zippers or snaps. Flight suit must have red stripe running from where shoulder meets collar to wrist, and armpit to ankle on both sides.

2. Mid-calf black boots (Jack boots or engineer boots are acceptable. Leather pull-on style preferred with low heels. No laces. No ankle buckles (small buckle at top edge of boot allowable if covered by blousing). No non-black zippers. Any zipper closure must either be hidden or on the inside calf. No zippers on front or outside calf of boots. High-Calf boots are acceptable with sufficient blousing of the flighsuit legs.)

3. Silver/grey leg flares in an olive drab or black leg-band holder. Maximum of 8 flares per holder. Flares should be approximately 4" long.

4. Light grey/silver grey ejection harness and web belt, all 2†wide.

5. White or light grey flak vest with accurate ribbing and claps. (ANH & ROTJ versions should be sure to have the gap in ribbing on the upper chest. ESB Snowspeeder version is worn backwards.) Vest sizing should be proportional to the wearer.

6. Accurately sized grey chest box with accurate decoration (raised buttons (acrylic preferred, see the Pilot Forums for acceptable button color schemes), separated rocker switches, appropriate materialed greebles, pin stripes etc.). 1" - 1.75" diameter grey hose or aviation hose should attach at the left-bottom of the chestbox and connect to the suit in some screen-accurate manner (tucked up into the flak vest, attached to flightsuit, etc.). (Please note that Costumebase chestboxes will not pass the standards unmodified, however once slightly modified, they will meet standards.)

7. Metallic silver Code Cylinders (Arm Tools) in left shoulder pocket. Two minimum; four maximum. Cylinder heads showing should resemble screen accurate representations

8. Black gauntlet-style gloves (flared leather or pleather preferred, cloth or rubber gloves will not meet standards)

9. Accurate Comm Pad (size, details, 3-dimensional, coloration, etc.) visible in the correct comm pad pocket on outside left forearm above wrist. (May be either the white X-wing version or the black TIE version.)

10. Hair must be black/colored black and combed back in "widow's peak" style haircut.

11. Facial hair cut in "goatee" style or a consistent "five o'clock shadow."

Formal Requirements:

You must have at least one of the following items to be accepted:

1. X-Wing helmet with Baron Fel style decoration.

2. Mini-flares on belt - a mix of filled and empty slots are okay.

3. Accurate belt buckle on web belt.

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